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Use Path Analysis to Understand The eLearner's journey

See and understand learner’s behavioral patterns over time to understand such actions as:  What actions do your most successful eLearners take? What influences users to advance from a free audit to paid? What do people do before they drop out of a course, never to return? What were the steps they took before conversion? How do they consume content? What if this information was in your inbox, every day, before you even get to your desk?

Improve Retention

Long-term engagement is the key to retaining eLearners. When users cancel, do you understand why? Gather valuable analytics for each cohort: free vs paid users, Android vs iOS, Corporate customers vs private customers. What keeps them engaged? When they become disengaged, find out why in minutes.

Map and Understand the Learners journey

Help your team analyze the learners’ journey from initial entry to your site through completion of your content. Whether on a mobile device, tablet or desktop, you can measure the success of your content, understand where you have issues and detect drop-offs and optomize the entire experience from start to finish.

Deliver the Right Content to your Premium Users

Understand the preferences, patterns and behaviors of your most valuable users. What learning material works best for them? For example, do they rely on video content or reading material? How often do they become frustrated and drop out of a course? Do they consume content in lengthy sessions or short bursts? By analyzing actions and events with behavioral analytics, you’ll achieve better serve – and grow your premium users.

Ensure That your Marketing Hits The Mark

Focus On Students and their Ultimate Success

Whether your eLearning content is in a corporate environment or an educational institution, the success of the student is paramount to the success of your eLearning program. Gather critical metrics: when do students require intervention and what sequence of events is most effective for students.

Cooladata: Your Alternative to a Homegrown Solution

Predictable Costs

With Cooladata, you don’t need to spend a fortune on infrastructure that will be obsolete in two years, or on the dedicated team required to maintain it. We give you a future-proof solution that adapts as your data becomes increasingly complex, allowing you to add new tools and track new events.


Pricing is based on data volume, so we grow with your business. Bring as many users, run as many queries, and build as many dashboards as you like. You get unlimited seats and unlimited queries for a flat fee.

Rapid Deployment

The market is constantly shifting and you need to turn data into insights quickly. You need all the power of a data warehouse for behavioral analysis but can’t afford to spend a year building one.


Cooladata’s data warehouse is ready for behavioral analysis right out-of-the-box. Import your data, stream your events and start getting insights today.

Services and Embeddable Dashboards

Get all the power of a data warehouse without the headaches and cost of building and maintaining one.


All of your data in Cooladata can easily be made available via our Query API, meaning you can leverage your data in other parts of your organization, build automation and build services using your customer data.


Additionally, all of the dashboards you build within Cooladata are fully embeddable in your application as iframe. Quickly product parameterized dashboards for partners, vendors, or external parties.

Say Goodbye to Reporting Backlog

You don’t like holding teams back when they’re waiting for reports from you, or having them act without data because reports take too long.


Cooladata lets everyone in your company get instant answers to even the most complex business questions without writing a single line of code.


Create custom reports for each team that update automatically and can be delivered via email, SMS, Slack or embedded on a webpage. You have full control over who sees what and when.

Optimized for Behavioral Analysis

Cooladata is ready for behavioral analysis right out-of-the-box. In addition to standard visualizations — like funnels, paths and cohorts — we give you industry-specific reports to help you analyze every stage of the customer journey: acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization.


We have ready-to-use events, properties and queries for most digital products, like gaming, SaaS, e-learning and e-commerce, so you can hit the ground running.


We have over 50 integrations to event tracking platforms, external databases, third-party tools, and you can import CSV and JSON files as well. You can integrate any third-party data through our REST API, or have our developers do this for you.

You Own and Control Your Data

Cooladata gives you full control over your data. Import any data you want — structured or semi-structured, have access to your raw data (not just samples), handle invalids and manage aggregation tables, and export your data to an external file or to any tool in your tech stack via our integrations or API.


We store your data securely. Even if the original sources delete old data, you’ll still have access to what you’ve collected, even in its original format. Store as much data as you want, export it or delete it whenever you want. Your data is yours.

One Single Source of Truth

Unify all your data sources into one single source of truth. Shift conversations away from incongruences among different data sources and towards the essence of what data is telling you. Trust the data your company relies on to make decisions.


Get all your teams on the same page with company-wide KPI’s and dashboards. When everyone looks at the same data, getting alignment across all your teams happens organically.

No More Long, Error-Prone SQL Queries

Because SQL wasn’t designed for time-series analysis, we built CQL, an extension of SQL that lets you query your data using only 20% of the code. Spend your time on strategic data projects, not writing long, error-prone SQL queries that you can’t trust. Of course, we support SQL too.

Safe and Secure

Keeping your data safe and secure is at the core of our business. We isolate and back up every dataset in multiple data centers, store data at rest in a separate dataset, and adhere to all the Google Cloud and AWS security protocols and procedures. Access it at any time, confident it will always be there.

One Solution for All Your Data

Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple tools and maintaining their integrations. Our end-to-end solution handles every aspect of your data process: collection, enrichment, ETL, storage, ad-hoc analysis, visualization and sharing.


Our architecture is built to scale: whether you have a million events, or a billion or a trillion, our databases automatically expand on demand and shift between tables and storage to adapt to your requirements and to optimize runtime. Leave the guesswork of capacity planning to us.

The Fastest Way to Unleash Your Data for eLearning: One-Pager

Download an overview of Cooladata to read and share with your team.

“With Cooladata, our team was able to build a solid machine learning model predicting the likelihood of a user to upgrade to premium, and the likelihood of premium users to renew their subscription. This helped our product team find and analyze weak points in our application which were causing users to churn and required improvement.”

Andrea Sanchez, Data Team Leader, ABA English

“Learning analytics have the ability to change the world of eLearning whether in educational institutions or in corporate training. With the data collected through analytics, instructional designers and eLearning professionals can offer learners the one key thing that all eLearning courses and training modules strive to offer: an unparalleled eLearning experience.”

Chris Pappas, Founder, eLearning Industry Network

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