What is the most popular path my users take in the game?

We’d like to see the path of the different urls or pages a user viewed in a single session based on the automatic page load event in the JS SDK. You can also replace the page_url with page_title or to your own custom property. Tip: Use the sunburst visualization. Change the limit to get more paths.

select page_path, count(distinct session_id) as sessions
(select  session_id, group_concat (page_url,',') as page_path
(select  session_id, page_url,event_time_ts  as ts
from cooladata
where date_range(context) 
and filters(context) and event_name = ‘page_load’ and page_url is not null 
order by ts)
group by 1)
group by 1
order by 2 desc
limit 20
Path Analysis