Cooladata: Your Data Science Team on Demand


Hiring and retaining a skilled data team is difficult. Not only is there incredible demand for people with these skills that take years to develop, but incorporating them into your organization is much more challenging than most realize. Furthermore, it doesn’t make sense to hire and train a whole team if you only have a handful of one-off projects.


Let Cooladata’s data science team guide your organization to the next level of data fluency. Our data science team is comprised of industry experts with deep experience in system architecture, solutions engineering and of course, data science. Leverage our team for your next big data project for unparalleled speed and efficiency.

How it Works


Come to us with your business goals and we’ll work together to outline a set of priorities that make sense for your team.


Once the goals and priorities have been determined, we’ll discuss what an initial scope of work consists of. What are the deliverables? What is possible given the current state of your data


No data project exists in a silo. Have your team work side-by-side with ours to rapidly build, test, and iterate on the deliverables outlined.


One of the most critical, often overlooked steps in the process is measurement. Have you reaped the benefits you had expected? If not, where are the shortcomings?

Business Benefits

  • Quickly add value to your team with a team of data exerts
  • Leverage your existing data to develop strategic insights
  • Reduce the organizational burden of hiring an in-house data team

Services Offered

  • Integrate data from any source system
  • Data cleansing and aggregation
  • Develop of custom dashboards for analytics
  • Advise on hiring and organizational knowledge transfer
  • Design and implement custom machine-learning models: recommendation engines, prediction algorithms, advanced analytics and more.

Our Team

  • Comprised of formally trained data scientists with masters degrees
  • Supported by data analysts with extensive industry experience
  • Has domain expertise in eCommerce, eLearning, gaming and much more


  • Available on-demand or, or on-going
  • Both remote or on-site