How To Build a Better Product
With Cooladata’s Behavioral Analytics

Unify all your user and product data in one place
for a deeper understanding of the customer journey.
Then, dig far past the limits of traditional product analytics
for real-time answers to acquire better users,
engage them more effectively, retain them for longer
and convert them with the right calls to action at the right time.

"Your company’s secret weapon"

Increase User Engagement

Pin down exactly why some users churn while others become loyal advocates. Isolate and study your most profitable users’ behaviors to guide your product’s roadmap. Leave behind ‘best guesses,’ fragmented data, and waiting on other teams for answers.

Keep More Users For Longer

With a complete picture of your users’ behavior in one place, study the signs that precede churn, and your most effective tactics to prevent it. When you’re ready, export segments of at-risk users manually or through our API to your other tools for more effective re-engagement.

Improve Monetization

Identify the characteristics of your most valuable users so you can focus on acquiring more like them. Then, determine the products, add-ons or in-app purchases that will appeal the most to each user, and the most relevant moment to make the offer.

Boost Lifetime Value and Referral Rates

Your users interact with your company over many channels: your product, email, billing, social media, etc. Combine their every interaction into one comprehensive view. With an easily queried understanding of the entire customer journey, you’ll identify and optimize the campaigns and channels that acquire your most profitable users.

Remove Doubt From Your Roadmap

With real-time access in one simple interface to every user data point, you can answer any question yourself. Identify and eliminate the spots in your product that hurt user experience. Segment users based on any criteria for clearer insights and better decisions. All without needing any knowledge of SQL.

Get immediate feedback on new features

When you roll out a new change, you want answers quickly. Did it boost engagement or cause churn? How does user adoption impact your KPI? Behavioral analytics provides a nuanced understanding or what works and why. Your users will love that.

Easy Implementation. Zero Management.

To get started, just use our Google Chrome Plug In called Cooladata Tagger, which enables you to point and click on the areas of a web application you want to capture events from. Alternatively, you can install our snippet in your clients’ websites and apps, and tag the events you want to track. We also have very simple implementations for iOS and Android. We handle collection, storage, and security, freeing you to focus on analysis and getting more out of your marketing stack.

"Cooladata is disrupting the data industry and redesigning how
companies study human behavior"
“Harness the power of business intelligence without the six-figure
budget required to build a data warehouse”

The Four Steps to Reducing Churn

Download this guide to discover what makes your users churn, and identify users at risk before it’s too late. Find out how leading SaaS and gaming companies are using this 4-step framework to boost user retention.