You own your
data. Now use it

Your data is gold. Use it to build and deploy your own models, or let
Cooladata’s machine learning to do the work for you.

Harness the Power of Machine Learning

The data you collect on your customers has the power to transform your business. Using Cooladata’s out-of-the-box machine learning models, your analysts can easily build and train models to predict customer churn, forecast conversions and cluster your users by their behavior. Give your data analysts the ability to become data scientists.

Pre-built Models for your Business

Predicting Churn: Use Cooladata to identify customers at risk of churn. Our churn model picks up on behavioral patterns associated with churn to help you take preventative action before it’s too late.


Predicting Conversion: Customer buying behavior is complex, but not incomprehensible. Leveraging machine learning, Cooladata learns about behavioral patterns that make users likely to convert to paying customers.


Behavioral Clusters: Manually segmenting users using labels like “free” and “paid” is a great start, but it only tells you one thing about your users. Cooladata identifies clusters of users by how they interact with your product, helping you identify much more nuanced user stories.

Build and Deploy your own Models

Do you have your own data science team? If so, they likely spend a significant portion of their time gathering, preparing and cleaning data. Build workflows in Cooladata to help them leverage automation, all while using the tools they know and love: R and Python.

Machine Learning that Delivers Real Business Results: A Case Study

ABA English thrives on their ability to successfully learn and adapt from their
millions of users. Learn about how their team is leveraging Cooladata predict
which users are most likely to become paying customers.

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