Harness and leverage unified trader data. Gain deep insights on company performance.

Analyze trading behavior using integrated MetaTrader data

Reveal the true story of your trader's journey to FTD

Realize Immediate Impact. Unlimited Potential.

Drive revenue and business growth

Boost Customer Retention

Analyze the customer journey over time to leverage deep insights and optimize your marketing campaigns. Get the right message at the right time via the right medium to your customers and realize unlimited potential and growth.

Drive revenue and business growth

Maximize ROI of Marketing Channels

By analyzing actions and events with behavioral analytics, you’ll achieve lower customer acquisition costs and get an accurate ROI calculation. Constantly optimize to gain a longer retention cycle and maximize trader value.

Drive revenue and business growth

Get Immediate Answers to Optimize Acquisition Channels

Has a certain affiliate started routing low quality traffic? Why are the retention numbers lower than last week? Get any question answered so you can immediately act and grow your online trading business.

Drive revenue and business growth

Visualize MetaTrader Trading Data from MetaTrader

With Cooladata’s MetaTrader integration, immediate visual insights on trader behavior are finally here. In addition to beautifully designed charts and data tables, you’ll also be presented with a timeline of customer behavior.

Beat out the competition by understanding trading behavior with out of the box FinTech dashboards Get a Demo Now

Use Path Analysis to Understand your Customer's Journey

See your customer’s behavioral patterns over time to understand such actions as: What were the steps they took before conversion? Did they lose money before they churned? Specify a time period to discover new insights for different users and optimize their path to conversion.

Analyze Retention of Different Behavioral User Segments

Long-term engagement is the key to gaining the upper hand in the competitive brokerage industry. By using cohort analysis to analyze retention of user behavioral segments, you can see a timeline of percentage of users that returned to complete actions and users that churned.

“With Cooladata and the new MetaTrader integration, the ability to unify all trader activities and get any insight as to how market scenarios are impacting the company performance is finally here.”

Daniel Kibel, CEO, CMTrading

“You can literally ask any business question you have. The ability to ask the question is as important as the answer.”

L. Ash, COO, mySupermarket
Fintech analytics useful resources

Why You Need Analytics Early in Your Product Lifecycle

Fibiz fun trading application launched successful marketing campaigns that attracted many users that generated masses of user events from day one of the beta launch. Their goal was to optimize their product for the official launch, they knew exactly what they’ll do with the data.

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eBook: How to become an insight-driven game company

Gain deep insights of player behavior with time-series analytics that examines your user actions over time. Discover your whales, top tier, first time depositors and bonus abusers. Your essential guide to game analytics – the metrics that matter.

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Identity crisis solved! Smart Unification of User Identities

From the moment a customer signs up, his identity is revealed.  We want to be able to identify them as soon as possible, unify that part of the journey with the anonymous part of it to drive the actions creating a personalized engaging experience.

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