All Your Data in One Place

Cooladata identifies and tracks your users across all platforms and channels,
and unifies that data into a single customer journey.

Import any kind of data — structured, unstructured or semi-structured —
and our self-learning architecture will enrich it in real-time
and store it as highly structured data that is very easy to query.

See the Entire Customer Journey

With Cooladata, you can see that the person who clicked on an ad is the same person who visited your website, read two pages of reviews, downloaded your game, played for 15 minutes, cleared level 2, opened your email, used your coupon, spent $25 on in-app purchases, and invited 12 friends to join your game. Through Cooladata’s SDK and code snippet, we use cookies to track all user behavior, even from anonymous users. As soon as an identifying event takes place — such as a registration, login or whitepaper download — we unify all the user activity with all profile data you have for that user in your CRM or external database. And because we sessionize on the server-side (unlike most solutions that do it on the client-side), when a user interacts with you on two different devices, we know it’s the same person and not two different users.

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Start Tracking Customer Behavior Today

Getting started with Cooladata is very easy. Add our code snippet to your website or app, use the Cooladata Tagger to select what you want to track, and start seeing what your customers do: the links they click, pages they see, videos they watch, text they select, how far down your pages they scroll, how they interact with your forms, and much more! Cooladata will quickly reveal your customers’ behavior so you can improve their experience and grow your revenue.


Connect All Your Data Sources

With Cooladata, bringing all your data together is a breeze. We integrate with most CRM, email marketing, social media, ecommerce, analytics and ad platforms. You can also get data into and out of Cooladata through our REST API, and you can manually import CSV and JSON files. You don’t need in-house developers or database administrators. Our customer success team will help you bring all your data into our platform, so you can put the right data in front of the right people at the right time.

All Your Data In-Sync and In One Place

With Cooladata you get a unified view of all your data. No more second-guessing if your data is accurate or in-sync.

Track the Entire Customer Journey

Eliminate blind spots and see everything your customers do across all channels and on all their devices.

Monitor Customer Activity in Real-Time

Data is available for reporting in real-time so you can uncover and act on insights faster.

Fully Managed Data Platform

Collect, store, normalize, visualize and share all your data with one platform. Learn more about Cooladata's end-to-end solution.

Trust Your Data Is Accurate and Up-to-Date

Unified data is more accurate data. Feel confident in the data you share with your teams.

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