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Create custom dashboards for every team and give everyone the
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Custom Dashboards for Every Team

Empower every team in your company with the data they need to make informed business decisions. Create custom dashboards for sales, marketing, product and executive teams to give them the insights they need to move your company forward.

Embed Reports Anywhere

Cooladata reports update automatically, in real-time, and can be embedded in any web page or email. Share dashboards with internal and external teams through the Partner Portal, and set permissions to control who sees what and when. You can even whitelabel dashboards with your branding and logo.

Reports Delivered to You Automatically

Get the data you need via email, text message or Slack. Receive alerts when something requires your attention so you can be proactive and take action immediately.

Export Your Data

Cooladata is an open platform that lets you export your data to any third-party tools. Send your data to Tableau and Looker for analysis and visualization. Export it to Python and R for predictive modeling. Send it to your marketing tools like MailChimp, Marketo and Hubspot to increase personalization and relevance. Your data is yours and we make it easy for you to use it however you need it.

“We chose Cooladata because it empowers our partners to analyze consumer and marketing trends and behavior within minutes and respond to any complex business question in real time. Cooladata’s strength lies in its ability to share and embed these reports, enabling us to offer clients full transparency into content and product performance.”

Uana Coccoloni, VP of Marketing

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