Why Data-Driven Marketing
Agencies Rely on Cooladata’s
Behavioral Analytics

Provide your clients with deeper insights, boost campaign performance
and prove the ROI your clients hired you to deliver.
Leverage behavioral analytics to retain clients for longer,
increase revenue from existing accounts
and win new accounts that demand the next generation of analytics.

"Your company’s secret weapon"

Collect All Your Clients’ Data In One Place

You’re marketing to real people. Track them, not their data scattered over multiple platforms. With a comprehensive view of their every action – digital and offline – in one simple user interface, you get one clear, easily queried understanding of the entire customer journey.

Open A New Revenue Stream With Deeper Insight

Traditional analytics give an incomplete picture based solely on demographics information. Behavioral analytics provides for more nuanced segmentation. The result: greater relevance and higher conversions. Your new and existing accounts will love that.

Prove ROI And Your Case For Bigger Budgets

Analyze the performance of all your channels in one platform, in real time. Automatically determine the ad types, offers and campaigns that deserve more budget. The winners will have nothing to fear. The losers will have nowhere to hide.

Ask Any Question You Can Think Of

With access to every consumer action on your properties, you can answer any question, and segment based on any criteria. When you’re ready, you can export the results to any other marketing tool. Go ahead, dig deeper into your data for the insight your clients will love.

Create Custom Reports Automatically

Each of your accounts wants different reporting. So give it to them. Customize your elements and branding once, and deliver the exact report each account expects, every time.
 Instead of weathering another ‘Report Storm,’ you can just white label ours and get on with your work.

"Cooladata is disrupting the data industry and redesigning how
companies study human behavior"


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