Cooladata vs. Google Analytics 360

Custom Dashboards for Every Team

Cooladata is a software platform, designed from the ground up to process arrange and analyze all of your customer-related data, regardless of the source or format, and provide powerful analysis. Cooladata also offers machine-learning-powered predictive analysis, to identify which customers are at risk of leaving your business. Our Machine learning also groups customers by their behavior, so that you can take specific actions for each group. You may want to offer a discount to customers who are “at risk” of leaving and take another, completely different action for a VIP customer, such as invite them to a new store opening or online sale.

Google 360, conversely, is a suite of separate tools which are more commonly used to measure the ROI of marketing campaigns and online PPC. It has no ability to integrate “enterprise” data, such as sales, CRM or customer support data, and provides a limited view, primarily of web-based transactions. Google 360 also does not offer and built-in predictive capabilities or machine learning, this must be done separately, using other products. To do custom analysis of your data, Google 360 requires that you export your data to Google BigQuery.

Cooladata Advantages

Automatic detection of schema

Unlimited number of custom properties

Query API to pull data from Cooladata into external systems

Build interactive dashboards for business users

Simplicity for Your Analysts

Cooladata is full-stack data warehouse with SQL support out-of-the-box. Cooladata can auto-detect your schema and allows for an unlimited number of custom properties. Your data can also be easily queried by business users through our graphical query builder. We handle partitioning, caching, and schema changes for you automatically.

Google BigQuery requires a deep knowledge of the nested model to export actionable data. With Cooladata export and action insights occur instantly.

Behavioral Power with Ease

Cooladata automatically “stitches” together the identities of your customers across many systems, enabling you to see the behavior of customers across web, in stores and through other interactions such as customer service or catalog sales.

With BigQuery, performing cohort/funnel/path queries is complex and slow. Cooladata is purpose built for behavioral analytics. Cooladata CQL provides behavioral extensions to SQL for simple and fast cohort/funnel/path analysis.

Visualization and UI

Google’s Data Suite has a limited UI that is still in beta, Cooladata reports & dashboards are rich, powerful tools and easy to use. Get the dashboards you need to run your business. Empower your executive team and partners with dashboards, reports and the ability to explore their data on your service. This information can also be delivered easily by email at the specific time and day you select. Prefer another visualization tool—no problem with Cooladata.

It is also easy to leverage existing dashboarding solutions like Tableau together with Cooladata so that you will have the power of Cooladata’s data integration, data management and behavioral analytics together with your favorite dashboard solution.

Query Performance & Cost

BigQuery has limited partitioning, requires an expert analyst to use and tune–resulting in sub-par performance and high costs. Cooladata’s smart partitions and caching makes queries fast and simple to use at a much lower cost

Cooladata’s solution is available for a fixed price, allowing for unlimited queries on your data and dynamically updated dashboards..

Features Comparison
Designed for
SMB -Enterprise
ROI for Social/media/ads spend (FB ads, Google adwords, SF, Mailchimp and others.
Google Adwords

API Language
Google 360
Query language AP
Full SQL + Behavioral Extensions
Limited (complex SQL when exporting to Bigquery)
JDBC access
Only to Big query export
User Path Analysis
Federated Queries
Automatic Data Aggregation
Join event data with external data

Google 360
cohort/ funnel/ KPI reports
Embed Report
Report on external data

Google 360
Designed both for Business Analysts & Data Scientists/ SQL Engineers
Out of box dashboards for Gaming, eCommerce, and Media

Businesses that integrated multiple customer and marketing data sources saw 2.6X sales growth over three years compared to peers.

Source: Harvard Business Review whitepaper

Out Of The Box Integrations
Google 360
Facebook Ads
Google AdWords, Google AdSense,
Google DoubleClick, Google Search
Console, Google DataStudio
MS Dynamics
Google Search Console
All Google-Centric Products
And many more

Enterprise data integration
Google 360
Amazon Redshift
SQL Server
Google Cloud
And many more

Google 360
Data only available for BigQuery