Your Quest: Become an Insight-Driven Gaming Company

Time is of essence in the gaming world, and not just for your players but for game operators and developers as well. You’ve got to lay the right foundation for analysis from the very beginning so that you can understand your player’s behavior beyond more than just one-dimensional KPIs. Each customer is on a journey, and the more you learn about the steps your customers are taking and why, the faster your business will grow.

That’s where time-series behavioral analytics comes into play.

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We’re in the Money: Driving Revenue and Business Growth

How can you gain this greater understanding of your player types, their behavior, and the steps they take towards conversions?
First, you’ll need a behavior revenue dashboard to keep tabs on important metrics such as LTV per player (and paying player) and average player deposit amount. The dashboard includes other important KPIs such as GR (gross gaming revenues), ARPU, average active days, player turnover, wins and jackpots.

Gaming Analytics revenue dashboardAfter having a high-level understanding of your KPI’s, you might decide to focus on LTV for different types of players. One possibility for gaining greater insights would be to divide your users into segments by looking at different user characteristics: age, country of origin, time of day, source, and number of sessions. You can then learn which segments of users bring you the highest LTV and focus on engaging those users.


Catch ‘em While You Can

Players are creatures of habit, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that behavioral patterns repeat for certain player segments. The earlier we can identify these behavioral patterns, the sooner we can optimize the game.

For instance, we know from experience that players who install a game and play a game in the same session have a greater chance of becoming paid players. They might want to make sure there are no problems installing the game, or incentivize players who install to play a game right after they install.
Another gaming company discovered that players who won the first game they played after entering the site for the first time were the most likely to become FTDs. So for first-time game winners, they added a “test game” before the player made an FTD in which the player always won that first round. You can imagine the uplift!

A different company found that a player who spends 6-times longer than average during the first visit has a higher probability to make a deposit. The company offered these players upgraded status after they entered the game on their 2nd visit, incentivize them to make a deposit.
With our full dashboards, we offer the gaming industry complete and insightful views like these on how to measure game efficiency, marketing campaigns, cross-device analytics and much more.

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