Don’t keep Behavioral Analytics to yourself. Share it..

Big data behavioral analytics plays a leading part in the analytics and measuring operations of advanced online organizations. It must be friendly with all the other monitoring and measuring systems, and support various sharing options, to allow exposure of business insights with key roles within the company, or partners and affiliates.

Partners can be companies that drive customers to your site or promote your brand, they can be affiliates that consume your published content or bring customers to complete transactions. The traffic provided by them and drives revenue is important to understand, so it’s important to have data driven relationships with your partners, affiliates, or media agencies to improve and extend marketing efforts to ensure successful partnerships. We built our behavioral analytics platform to inform and delegate data that enables better decisions and better relationships.

The way we do it at CoolaData is all about distributing data to people in and out of the company in a diverse, secure and streamlined manner.

Embed Your Behavioral Analytics Reports Or Just Email it

Behavioral analytics reports that reveals valuable insights should be shared with other parts of the organization or with partners. Using the embedded report feature enables you to easily embed the report as an iframe in any of your organization’s webpages or portals.

It is very useful with partners, as well as with business customers, as relevant reports for the external company’s activity is easily embedded in their view in the partner’s portal.

Here’s an example of an embedded report that can allow the viewer editing options such as changing the date range or slicing the data.

A leading global eCommerce business that has many retailers and brands as affiliates used behavioral analytic embedding option to combine online results specific to that partner as part of the partner’s portal, allowing access to various resources like financial documents or content management. By having access to live reports at all times, the partners have clearer visibility of their online performance and can even isolate any aspect of the presented data to virtually answer any question they ask. Cohort, funnel, path and other features that CoolaData presents, will be shown without compromising security and will enable multiple parties to make data driven decisions.

A large scale content site that receives content from many contributors and affiliates used the behavioral analytic embedded report to share analytics of published articles, like number of views, shares and likes, with those content contributors or affiliates. Using the embedded report, they are able to show only the data that is relevant to that particular affiliate or editor.

A subset of a reports can be shared via email to relevant people that can see performance or activity of certain  customers or users.

Query Behavioral Data externally

Another way of exposing your behavioral data would be to use the query API that allows direct querying of behavioral data using API, receiving the query’s result as a JSON or CSV, allowing you to  visualize the data on your side using any dashboard or visualization tool you choose.

This became very useful for one eCommerce company who needed to present a behavioral performance report next to other reports produced by their systems. They queried the behavioral data-set behind the scenes and visualized it using the same visualization that is used for reports from other data-sets. This is a great way to achieve behavioral analytics displayed alongside other reports, allowing to drill down and query subsets from that external visualization.

Full connection to the behavioral data set

The big behavioral data supports full open connectivity, allowing direct connection using JDBC or ODBC. Once fully connected, you can use the agile CQL query language with the behavioral data set, combining your behavioral analytics reports in dashboards you created using DBeaver, SQL-workbench or any other visualization tools. Some of our customers even run complex analysis using the JDBC with data mining tools such as R or Python.

This could be used when traditional BI tools are already in place, and the behavioral analytics comes to complete it. Using the JDBC connection, you can harness the powerful behavioral analytics together with all other tools.

Your behavioral analytics and behavioral data is crucial to everyone. Let all your departments and partners enjoy behavioral insights to complete the big picture and contribute to decisions based on data  from all channels and systems taking part in the operation.

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