Unify, Analyze, and Share
All Your Data in One Place

The next generation of JOURNEY analytics to understand your customers, improve your product, and grow your revenue. Get all the power and flexibility of a data warehouse without the costs and headaches of building and maintaining one.

The best of both worlds

Get all the power and flexibility of a managed data warehouse, and the low-cost and quick deployment you’d expect from a web/mobile analytics solution. Don’t be constrained by proprietary databases and closed-systems with architectures and pricing plans that won’t scale. Avoid the high costs and headaches associated with building your own data warehouse. Cooladata gives you a future-proof solution that is open, flexible, quick to deploy, and is ready for journey analysis right out-of-the-box.

Connect Any Data Source

People interact with your business across multiple channels: on your website, in your app, with online ads, and at offline events. With Cooladata you can connect or upload data from any source, online or offline. Then unify all this data to get a complete picture of your customers and the performance of your business.

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Finally, Get Answers to All Your Questions

To really understand your customers, you need to go beyond standard analytics reports. You need the ability to ask any questions you want.


What marketing channels provide the highest ROI?


How can I reduce churn? What behavioral patterns precede churn?


When is the most effective time to show visitors a call to action?


Who are the users most likely to make in-app purchases?


What website elements encourage sharing content on social media?


How does the new checkout form affect our revenue?


What do customers who upgrade have in common?

See the Entire
Customer Journey

See everything your customers do over time across your website, app, product, social media, and ad campaigns.

Query Data Faster
with CQL

Get 100% of the SQL capability with only 20% of the code. Especially designed for journey analysis.

Understand Your Customers
Like Never Before

Traditional analytics shows you what your customers do. Journey analytics shows you why they do it.

Segment and Conquer

Segment your customers based on their behavior, become more relevant, and grow your revenue.

Connect People with the Data They Need, When They Need It

Clear and easily accessible data insights in the right hands, at the right time, can
lead to breakthrough opportunities. It can also lead to your teams being more
focused on improving the metrics that matter most today.

  • Create custom dashboards for each team
  • Email reports and alerts automatically
  • Embed reports in web pages for easy access
  • See all your key business metrics in real-time
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